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Registration requirements

Registration is available online. If you have chosen a job, you may call us and book the job offer. However, if this is your first job with our company, you must come in person and provide your identification card (ID or passport), criminal record and insurance card. A health certificate for food handlers or forklift license is an advantage.

If you obtain a job you are obliged to follow the instructions you were given when you have been hired. You also need to sign documents that will prove the employment relationship between you and our company. You are obliged to bring all the necessary forms and work instructions with you. These contain information such as what you will do specifically, where and when you have to come and what the remuneration for your work will be. Read all the job instructions as well as the safety instructions, etc. Should any information be unclear, do not hesitate to apply to us. Our HR staff will be happy to explain everything to you.

After all the details have been communicated and documents signed you will receive a timesheet or delivery note. Bring it with you to your workplace and ask your manager confirm and sign it after you have finished your shift.

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