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For Applicants

Conditions of registration

If you are looking for a job and wish to use our employment services, the procedure to follow is very simple. You can register online or directly at one of our branches. Please, find the contact details here. If this is your first job with our company, you need to come in person with a valid personal document (an ID card or a passport), criminal record statement, and insurance card. A health certificate for food handlers or a forklift license is an advantage. Once registered, you can choose a job and our recruiters will notify you of all essential documents and duties related to the position offered. We strongly recommend that you carefully read all work and safety instructions about the position you have been offered. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask, our recruiters will be more than happy to explain everything to you. Once all formalities have been communicated and signed, you will receive a timesheet or a delivery note. Take it with you to your place of work. Upon completion of your shift, this timesheet must be confirmed and signed by your designated manager. All employees are responsible for their timesheets.

Duties and obligations

You must get to work properly and on time. Cancellation is only possible if you cancel within 48 business hours before the start of the shift. In the event of an absence, you (the employee) are obliged to deliver a medical treatment certificate or a written confirmation of the meeting with a state authority to the office of AGENTURA PLUS s.r.o. Failure to deliver any of these documents will result in your absence being treated as an egregious violation of work discipline.

If you are suspected to have taken up work under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances, you (the employee) are obliged to undergo a test to check the presence of these substances from an authorized person. If you refuse to do so, you will be treated as if you were under the influence of these substances. If you breach your duties or obligations, we are entitled to claim compensation for any damage done.

You are not allowed to bring valuables and/or larger sums of money to work. You may also be asked to stay off your mobile phone at work.


Your timesheet contains all the necessary information, such as the name and address of your workplace, the name of your designated manager, etc. On the backside of the timesheet, you will find very important general instructions. The timesheet has to be submitted to the agency AGENTURA PLUS s.r.o. every week, no later than on Tuesday by 5 pm. Should you deliver your timesheet any later you will not receive your salary until the following week. Confirmations older than 5 days will not be accepted. The timesheet must be duly completed – name, date of birth, number of work hours worked and it has to be stamped and signed by your designated manager. A timesheet that is not duly completed cannot be processed! Any complaints about payments must be filed immediately on payday or Friday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Salary and related forms

Our employees are paid every week. The paydays are Thursdays from 4:30 pm to 7 pm and Fridays from 9 am to 10 am. Cash settlements are provided upon the presentation of an identity card or passport. We may also upload your salary to your bank account. If you cannot collect your salary in person, you may do so later on another payday or permit a legal representative to do so on your behalf. Please find all related forms here.

We will be pleased if you select AGENTURA PLUS s.r.o. to help you get a new job or increase your chances of earning additional income.


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