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A few words about us

We are one of the most stable companies on the Czech market in the field of employment mediation. Reliability and openness to our customers have always been our core values. We offer a professional approach regardless of the size and business field of the client. We consider it very important that our workers work hard, are flexible and comply with all the rules and regulations set out in the Czech law.

In our online database, we record tens of thousands of candidates and new candidates are enrolled every day. Our recruiters are skilled in human resources and can provide you with the right solution. We can provide long-time or short-time workers for different jobs, not only when there is a growing demand for your work, but also when your employees are on holiday, ill, etc. With our service, you reduce not only the costs but also the time of your HR staff and your accountants.

We have worked for hundreds of companies, ranging from small to global. We are professionals with a significant experience in the field of employment mediation. If you decide to use the service of AGENTURA PLUS s.r.o. we have no doubt that you will be satisfied.

For the whole team of AGENTURA PLUS s.r.o.

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