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Our services

Administrative jobs

We can offer you following jobs:

  • sorting out paper work and incoming mail
  • help with inventory
  • incoming post
  • scannig and copying work
  • transcription of texts
  • active and passive telemarketing
  • personal questioning, surverys
  • entering data into computers, compliling simple statistics and records
  • shredding common paper material
  • searching for items on file

Cleaning services

Cleaning companies are among our long-term and stable customers. We provide summer and winter cleaning jobs to several city areas. In this field we are able to provide:

  • Regular cleaning jobs of offices, administrative centres, shopping centres, warehouses, garages etc.
  • Final inspection cleaning, cleaning during building and painting jobs
  • Window cleaning, facade cleaning
  • Outdoor cleaning, impact cleaning

Garden work

We help with big contracts, such as modify and maintain large orchards and parks, but also in private gardens where you might need just one person.

  • excavation, landscaping, garden soil improvement
  • planting trees, planting plants, cutting trees, clearing
  • lawn mowing, raking leaves
  • fruit picking, digging and vegetable picking
  • other garden work

Production, logistics, warehousing

For several years we have been cooperating successfully with leading production companies in food, electronics and printing industries as well as in logistics and warehousing.

We are able to provide the following positions:

  • operators in production for printing, electronics, auto, and food industries
  • inserting/pasting marketing leaflets into the print media
  • labeling and packaging of goods
  • completion of goods
  • preparation and sorting the goods for shipping, shipping itself
  • drivers with licences for operating equipment- fork-lift trucks, low fork-lift trucks (motor and electronic ones)

Removal services

Our moving service is one service which is frequently used by our clients. We can move office furniture within a building, we can move state institutions, archives, company offices, flats and heavy machinary. We have a wide range of moving companies that use our services with crash orders.

We can provide you with workers for following jobs:

  • Moving flats and houses
  • Transfering offices within one building or to another building
  • Packaging and handling goods, and assisting with moving

Running markets, hypermarkets and restaurants

We can provide you with people for following positions:

  • shop assistants for different departments and sections (delicatesies, meat, bakery, sweetshop, vegetables)
  • workers for unpacking and stocking goods
  • inventory workers
  • cashiers
  • waiters, odd jobs in the kitchen

All our food workers have valid food licences.

Object security

Our company is licensed to providing services for protecting property and persons. Therefore, we have many clients in safety agencies.

  • We can provide workers in any quantity and desired quality for positions as guards, porters and receptionists.
  • All of these employees fulfill their duty with clean criminal records.
  • We also offer our services for concerts, sports, cultural events, and car racing among others.

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Evropská 690/138
160 00 Praha 6

IČO: 25759973
E‑mail: plusko(at)plusko.cz

Mobile phone: +420 776 321 321
           +420 608 202 526
           +420 608 202 401

Phone for workers: +420 233 352 526
Phone for customers: +420 233 352 527
Mobil pro zákazníky: +420 608 202 474
Faxové číslo: +420 257 211 454

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