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Druhy spolupráce


This service temporarily solves the issues of a contract, e.g. seasonal swings, temporary enability of the key employees not being present at work. Our employees are able to start working within 24 hours at the location chosen by the customer. They have gone through BOZP schooling, they are physically able to do the complete job and are equipped with the right clothes, protection means and -upon agreement- working tools. It is possible to change their number on a daily basis (more/less workers). All is done in accordance with Czech legislation. This service is widely used among customers because of our reasonable prices and because it decreases the cost of labor up to 10 percent.


This is called the assignment of workers to a user according to the law no. 435/2004. Our company has the permission of MPSV. We choose the worker for the position, place him and supervise the continuity of the work. Our supervisor provides administration on site and solves personal problems in the workplace with the customer. Let us solve all the problems ourselves and you can concentrate on your core business. The price of the service depends on the labor costs per worker plus commission (in percent).


The service is similar to worker rental but with a fixed hourly rate regardless of day and number of hours which are worked by the worker. The high flexibility of high or lower number of workers requested in a short period of time is the deciding factor for customers choosing this service.


As its name suggests, this service is mostly used by customers who aren´t sure about making a stable working position and do not see the possible benefit for their company. It is a connection between services Temporary Help and Recruitment. You can try out your employee´s skills and habits without the need of employing him. In case you are content with him, he can become your employee. You maintain the flexibility of temporary help and are saved the hassle of complicated searches and selection of suitable employees.


Acquisition of personal and the wage plan of the workers including payroll. Optimization of labor costs and making solutions. This service is confidential with manager wages as well as the wages of common workers. They do not have each other's information on mutual payments and you have your invoice as a single figure with a discreet attachment. This service is ideal for companies which do not have the option to increase planned budget costs and want to increase benefits for their employees. It is used by non-profit organizations, which cannot use allocated grants or subsidies for their employees´ wages. The price of the service depends on the wage costs per employee and fixed costs per leading foreman. It can vary in hundreds of crowns per month.


Searching for suitable candidates and their choice of working position is, nowadays, a very phsychically and financially demanding job which needs constant attention. Our long term systematic work on an employee database is essential for you to be able to choose from the most appropriate candidates. Thousands of candidates from the whole Czech Republic who are currently free and who are registered online on our web pages www.agenturaplus.cz are fully available for your service. Our consultants, who have years of experience with searching for employees, filter hundreds to thousands of CVs, do interviews and chose the best employees for you. That means a vaste savings of financial costs and time for the customer.

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